Upcoming! English-speaking group chat by Etelän-SYLI

Upcoming! English-speaking group chat by Etelän-SYLI

Käyttäjä Kata_K aloittanut aikaan 08.10.2020 klo 10:52 kohteessa Ryhmächattejä koskevat keskustelut
Käyttäjä Kata_K (Työntekijä) (SOS-kriisikeskus, Helsinki) kirjoittanut 08.10.2020 klo 10:52

Do you feel that food has become a problem for you? Or that food, eating habits or sport have become means for controlling your emotions? If yes, this chat is for you. 👍

The purpose of the group chat is to maintain hope and offer a place where one can share difficult thoughts and feelings with a peer group. Group hosts are Etelän-SYLI’s trained volunteers who have first-hand experience of recovering from an eating disorder. The website is in Finnish, but the chat is in English.

English-speaking group chat will gather on November 12th and December 10th from 6 to 7:30 p.m. – warmly welcome! 🌸

You can find the chats here: https://tukinet.net/teemat/english-speaking-group-chat/ryhmachatit/