poetry without borders

poetry without borders

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👁 hate this society

the burden of its past, made flesh in the now

despise the wrongs it imposes on people; living beings of all creed

how it suffocates the potential of individuals like you or me,

to grow free, from chains indignant – to be ascendant in the real

yet in my suffering and sorrow,

also deeply love this world;

the mysteries it holds,

the endless reverie of questions to be asked – and answers to be sought

( no simple solutions exist, but )

let there be a light of comprehension,

and the beacon shine true

in the surreal darkness of our abject ignorance,

and the place of our fondest dreams


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bitter was the pleasure,

honey'd lips of doom

that tasted the nectar,

of my once living womb


a child thus did surface,

a passenger in line

another of the morrow,

all too soon


sweet was the pain,

crimson the bloom

that waxed into shape,

and to nothingness still grew


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one glorious moment to lead this life,
enamored by the most salubrious thrills

travelling this great expanse of our home,
with only your wits and your will as guide

if the journey treats you verily rough,
then fetter your soul with a creative rush

let the winding path take you oh so far,
and in that final passing naught be too small


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