Group chat for people suffering from eating disorders

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Do you feel that food has become a problem for you? Or that food, eating habits or sport have become means for controlling your emotions? If yes, this Etelän-SYLI `s chat is for you. The purpose of the group chat is to maintain hope and offer a place where one can share difficult thoughts and feelings with a peer group. Before joining, you need to regidster on Tukinet websidte and read the group principles. Recovery oriented and safe atmosphere comes from everyones effort, so please, read the group priniciples carefully.

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English-speaking group chat

Alkaa 27.05.2021 klo 18:00 ja loppuu klo 19:30

A warm welcome to the English speaking group chat on May 27th at 18-19.30!

In this group chat you can share your thoughts and get peer support from others in the same life situation. Group hosts are Etelän-SYLI’s trained volunteers who have first-hand experience of recovering from an eating disorder.